Version TBA

  • Experimental Python 3 support

Version 0.8.9 (2015-11-09)

  • Add mailing list and IRC channel information to README.
  • Relax the version numbers (with an upper bound on major version) for dependencies.

Thanks to @jonafato:

  • Update command and fswrap dependencies.
  • Use setuptools directly.
  • Improve travis builds. - add caching support. - prevent duplicate builds. - add support for new container based builds.
  • Move tests out of the hyde package.

Thanks to @bheesham:

  • Bugfix: Fix favicon and apple touch icon paths in basic template.

Thanks to @jd:

  • Bugfix: Paginator fails when there is no meta variable.
  • Add tox support.
  • Fix and make it pep8 compliant.
  • Add pages list to resources in paginator plugin.

Thanks to @mtahmed:

  • Bugfix: Ensure that self.q is assigned to None when PyQuery is unavilable.

Thanks to @ftao:

  • Bugfix: Remove typo in sphinx plugin commando import.

Thanks to Alexey Biryukov:

  • Hyde now supports assigning jinja2 custom tests similar to custom filters in site.yaml.

Thanks to @llonchj:

  • Huge updates to unit tests, development dependencies (flake8, pep8 etc).
  • Travis support.
  • The h binary is now deprecated and will be removed in one of the future releases.
  • libsass support.

Version 0.8.8 (2013-08-20)

  • Bugfix: Fix smartypants to 1.7.x to avoid the breaking changes in 1.8. (Issue #229)
  • Bugfix: Upgrade Jinja to 2.7.1 - this fixes mitsuhiko/jinja2#243.

Thanks to @shym: * Fix various typos in documentation and code. (Issue #227)

Thanks to @maethor: * Make username optional in SSH publisher. (Issue #222)

Thanks to @merlinrebrovic: * Refresh the starter layout: (Issue #220)

  • Conform to changes from the newest Hyde version.
  • Clean up Markdown and add explanations.
  • Increase font sizes.
  • Remove HTML5 shiv and hgroup element (deprecated).
  • Other minor improvements.

Thanks to @webmaster128: * Bugfix: Add spaces to menu in starter layout. (Issue #219)

Version 0.8.7 (2013-05-30)

  • Bugfix: Ensure dependencies are handled properly when using the combine plugin. (Issue #120).
  • Bugfix: Ensure external urls are encoded properly. (Issue #158).
    • BREAKING: While this change will correct the weird encoding behavior, this also changes the way xxx_url macros work.
    • Do not encode the url bases (base_url, media_url). Only the path component needs to be encoded.
  • Bugfix: Fix subfolders for root paths on windows. (Issue #167).
    • Ensure that subfolders for layout_root, content_root, media_root and deploy_root works reliably on windows. Use fully_expanded_path for all path components.
  • Bugfix: Context providers now accept all valid yaml data (Issue #189).
  • Bugfix: Fixed raise_exceptions command line parameter handling.
  • Better exception handling. (Issue #204)
    • Hyde now propagates exceptions
    • Hyde does not raise exceptions by default. -x flag is required for raising exceptions on error.
    • Traceback is available in the verbose mode
  • Upgraded to commando 0.3.4
  • Upgraded to Jinja 2.7
  • Make sorter’s prev/next links circular. (Issue #208)
  • Bugfix: Include project artifacts in sdist. (Issue #211)
  • Add “Hyde contributors” to LICENSE copyright.
  • Upgrade UglifyPlugin to use 2.3.5 version of uglify. (Issue #214)
  • Add support for draft blog posts. (Issue #213)
  • Bugfix: Use clearfix class in listing.j2. (Issue #156)
  • Bugfix: Use relative_path instead of url in macros.j2. (Issue #180)

Version 0.8.6 (2013-04-30)

Thanks to @QuLogic:

  • Refactor: Plugins reorganized by function. (Issue #170)
  • Add HG Dates Plugin. (Issue #177)
  • Add Clever CSS Plugin. (Issue #178)
  • Add Sassy CSS Plugin. (Issue #179)

Thanks to @sirlantis:

  • Add support for custom jinja filters. (Issue #159)

Thanks to @gfuchedzhy

  • Bugfix: Serve files without a resource. (Issue #92)

Thanks to @ilkerde:

  • Add Require JS plugin. (Issue #201)

Thanks to @jakevdp:

  • Add SSH publisher. (Issue #205)

Thanks to @herr-lehmann and @nud:

  • Bugfix: Fix date time comparison in git plugin. (Issue#142, #199, #137)

Thanks to @rephorm, @gfuchedzhy and @vincentbernat:

  • Add thumbnail plugin. (Issue #169, #89)

Thanks to @vincentbernat:

  • Add Coffeescript plugin. (Issue #172)
  • Add jpegtran plugin. (Issue #171)

Thanks to @jabapyth:

  • Add extension support for restructured text. (Issue #206)

Thanks to @tarajane:

  • Bugfix: Update the .clear styleName to be .clearfix instead. Base.j2 applies the ‘clearfix’ class to the ‘banner’ element, and not the ‘clear’ class. (Issue #156)

Thanks to @pib:

  • Bugfix: Use _transform instead of transform in Expando. (Issue #152, #153)

Version 0.8.5 (2013-04-17)

  • Upgrade dependencies and setup for 0.8.5
  • Remove hyde.fs use fswrap package instead.
  • Remove logging functions from hyde.util. Use commando.util instead.
  • Remove hyde.loader. Use commando.util.load_python_object instead.
  • Bugfix: Use the released version of typogrify. (Issue #193)
  • Bugfix: Fixed stylus indent issues with empty files. (Issue #161)
  • Bugfix: Added support for plugin paths relative to site. (Issue #107)
  • Bugfix: Folder Flattener updates node’s relative_deploy_path & url attributes as well. (Issue #126)
  • BREAKING: As part of the above fix, resource.url is prefixed with a /. (Issue #126)
  • Added simple_copy feature to account for unprocessable files that are nonetheless required to be deployed (Issue #121)
  • Bugfix: Relative path was used in the server as the sitepath (Issue #119)
  • Plugins now support inclusion filters. (Issue #112)
    • include_file_patterns property accepts globs to filter by file name.
    • include_paths accepts paths relative to content.
    • begin_node and node_complete honor include_paths
    • begin_text_resource, text_resource_complete, begin_binary_resource and binary_resource_complete honor both.
  • Bugfix: Unsorted combine files fixed. (Issue #111)
  • Added an optional sorting parameter. (Issue #111)
  • Bugfix: Modified combine plugin to process during begin_text_resource. (Issue #110)
  • Modified combine plugin to support relative paths and recursion. (Issue #108)
  • Added ability to specify safe characters in content_url, media_url functions and urlencode filter. (Issue #103)

Thanks to @idank

  • Bugfix: Use check_output to avoid a traceback when subprocess command fails.
  • Bugfix: Tag archive generator uses subscript syntax to avoid failure when tags contain ‘-‘ or space. (Issue #130)

Thanks to @jd

  • Bugfix: Metadata Plugin: Do not try to read meta data on simple_copy files. (Issue #124, Issue #121)
  • Bugfix: Force escape on title in Atom feed. (Issue #176)
  • Add node.rwalk method for traversing the node in reverse. (Issue #176)

Thanks to @vinilios

  • Added a helper method in Expando class to ease up non existing keys handling. (Issue #117)
  • Some improvements in LessCSSPlugin to be able to build complex less projects (such as twitter bootstrap) (Issue #117)

Thanks to @Erkan-Yilmaz

  • Fixed typos in README.

Thanks to @merlinrebrovic

  • Updates and improvements to the starter template.
    • Cleans up CSS.
    • Handles page title endings more elegantly.
    • Renders the advanced menu below the basic one.
    • Corrects and updates content.
    • Explains how to generate and serve the template.
    • Makes it more straightforward to contribute.

Thanks to @joshgerdes:

  • Made urlencoding safe character list configurable. (Issue #150)

Thanks to @irrelative:

  • Bugfix: Avoid index error if there aren’t pages when iterating for paginator. (Issue #190)

Thanks to @davefowler:

  • Bugfix: Infinate recursion error with resource dependencies. (Issue #155, Issue#200)

Thanks to @adube:

  • Bugfix: Fix atom.j2 to use relative_path instead of url when referencing templates. (Issue #155, Issue#203)

Version 0.8.4 (2011-11-09)

  • Bugfix: Configuration now gets reloaded when server regenerates (Issue #70)
  • Bugfix: Added styles for codebox (Issue #69)
  • Tagger now generates archives upfront in begin_site (Issue #72)
  • Breaking: The default nodemeta file has been changed to meta.yaml
  • Added test for codehilite markdown extension (Issue #82)
  • Added from the pygments repository (Issue #82)
  • Added support for ignoring nodes (Issue #80)
  • Hyde now ignores .hg, .svn and .git by default (Issue #80)
  • Added support for default publisher (Issue #83)
  • Added urlencode and urldecode filters. (Issue #102)
  • Bugfix: Fixed tests for Issue #88
  • Added tests for sorting groups
  • Added support for loading modules from the site path. Thanks to @theomega for the idea (Issue #78 & #79)
  • Added docutils to dev-req.txt
  • Bugfix: Fixed uglify-js tests

Thanks to @nud

  • $PATH based executable discovery for CLTransformer plugins. (Issue #100)
  • Bugfix: Fix class name of test_stylus (Issue #97)

Thanks to @gfuchedzhy

  • Bugfix: Textlinks plugin: do nothing if resource doesn’t use template. (Issue #96)
  • Bugfix: Retain permissions in text files during generation (Issue #90)
  • Bugfix: Added support for encoded urls to hyde server. (Issue #88)
  • Bugfix: Converted content_url and media_url to encoded urls. (Issue #88)
  • Bugfix: All occurrences of str replaced with unicode. (Issue #87)
  • Bugfix: CLTransformer now gracefully handles arguments that have “=”. (Issue #58)

Thanks to @vincentbernat

  • Support for output_format configuration in markdown (Issue #89)

Thanks to @merlinrebrovic

  • Hyde starter kit extended with advanced options (Issue #68)

Thanks to @tcheneau

  • Added support for AsciiDoc. (Issue #76)

Thanks to @gr3dman

  • Added paginator plugin and tests (Issue #73)

Thanks to @benallard

  • Added restructuredText plugin (Issue #63)
  • Added restructuredText filter (Issue #63)
  • Added traceback support for errors when server is running (Issue #63)

Thanks to @rfk

  • Added Sphinx Plugin (Issue #62)
  • Bugfix: PyFS publisher now checks if the pyfs module is installed. (Issue #62)

Version 0.8.3 (2011-06-20)

  • Bugfix: A bad bug in Expando that modified the __dict__ has been fixed. (Issue #53)
  • Tags now support metadata. Metadata can be provided as part of the tagger plugin configuration in site.yaml
  • Ensured that the context data & providers behave in the same manner. Both get loaded as expandos. (Issue #29)
  • hyde serve now picks up changes in config data automatically. (Issue #24)
  • Bugfix: hyde create only fails when content, layout or site.yaml is present in the target directory. (Issue #21)
  • Bugfix: Exceptions are now handled with ArgumentParser.error.
  • Bugfix: Sorter excludes items that do not have sorting attributes. (Issue #18)
  • Wrapped <figure> inside <div> to appease markdown. (Issue #17)
  • Added display:block for html5 elements in basic template so that it works in not so modern browsers as well. (Issue #17)

Thanks to Joe Steeve.

  • Changed deploy location for and fixed entry point in (Issue #56)

Thanks to @stiell

  • Bugfix: Better mime type support in hyde server (Issue #50)
  • Bugfix: Support empty extension in tagger archives (Issue #50)

Thanks to @gfuchedzhy

  • Bugfix: Hyde server now takes the url cleaner plugin into account. (Issue #54)

Thanks to @vincentbernat

  • Bugfix: Ensure image sizer plugin handles external urls properly. (Issue #52)

Thanks to @rfk

  • Added PyPI publisher (Issue #49)
  • Bugfix: Made site.full_url ignore fully qualified paths (Issue #49)

Thanks to @vincentbernat

  • Added JPEG Optim plugin (Issue #47)
  • Fixes to CLTransformer (Issue #47)

Version 0.8.2 (2011-05-10)

Thanks to @merlinrebrovic

  • Added hyde starter kit (Issue #43)

Thanks to @vincentbernat

  • Added git dates plugin (Issue #42)
  • Added Image size plugin (Issue #44)
  • Added silent, compress and optimization parameter support for less css plugin (Issue #40)
  • Fixed plugin chaining issues (Issue #38)
  • Added Language(translation) plugin (Issue #37)
  • Bugfix: Made sorting tests more predictable (Issue #41)
  • Bugfix: Added more standard paths for executables (Issue #41)
  • Added Combine files plugin (Issue #39)
  • Added ignore option in site configuration to igore based on wildcards (Issue #32)

Thanks to @pestaa

  • Added support UTF8 keys in metadata and config (Issue #33)

Version 0.8.1 (2011-05-09)

Thanks to @rfk.

  • Updated to use nose 1.0 (Issue #28)
  • Bugfix: LessCSSPlugin: return original text if not a .less file (Issue #28)
  • PyFS publisher with mtime and etags support. (Issue #28)

Version 0.8 (2011-04-13)

  • Relative path bugs in windows generation have been fixed.

Version 0.8rc3 (2011-04-12)

  • Fixed a jinja2 loader path issue that prevented site generation in windows
  • Fixed tests for stylus plugin to account for more accurate color manipulation in the latest stylus